Can Trump restore America and change the status quo?


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Vox Populi, Vox Dei — The Voice Of The People Is the Voice of God – is inscribed on the alabaster frieze of the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth.

In 1776, the American colonists threw off the yoke of Aristocratic rule and started a new concept: “The American Experiment”.  The establishment of representative government, whereby the citizens took control of governing themselves, was unique, and after 240 years, still endures. We have had many bumps in the road along the way. However, our institution still survives. Slowly, we have cultivated a group of political elitists who feel it is their destiny to rule. This has resulted in a government loaded with people, some elected, some not, who wish to direct our lives.

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Now out of the plebian pot rises Donald Trump to shake the elitists to their bones. The commoners are revolting. Donald Trump is one of us – well, not exactly. None of us are billionaires like Donald Trump. He is not suave and smooth talking like a trained politician or a political hack. He put his money where his mouth is. He speaks like the ordinary person in the vernacular of his native New York City. This abrasiveness is exciting to some and a turn off to others.

How you are disposed to vote is your private concern. Look at Trump’s opposition. It is the imbedded political class: Democrats and Republicans, who have made a career ruling over us. George Washington, our first president, would not accept the title of king. Our current president would probably be inclined to accept.

Our republic was founded on the concept that our government would be formed by representatives who were voted by the citizens to temporary terms, after which they would return home and live under the laws they enacted. This concept has gone awry. These legislators have found a place where they can get fat and rich and make a career with benefits we can only dream about.

Now Donald Trump is about to upset that apple cart.  Will he lead a parade that changes the status quo and we return to our original governmental idea: Vox Populi, Vox Dei?

Richard A. Pender                                                                                                               North Brunswick

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