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School board member becoming mayor is a ‘conflict’

East Brunswick Council President Michael Hughes said three Democratic candidates for office solicited campaign donations at a meet-and-greet on township property. This would be a violation of an ordinance that prohibits political fundraising on public property.
Candidate for mayor Brad Cohen says the allegations are ridiculous. Cohen says that Hughes should be focusing on lowering property taxes, issues that matter to residents. That’s rich. Cohen sits on the Board of Education. That’s the outfit that extorts almost 70 percent of your property taxes to support the public school cartel.
Perhaps, if, God forbid, Cohen becomes mayor, then he could lower property taxes by having employees of that cartel pay their fair share of their benefits. Think there would be a conflict of interest with a school board member becoming mayor? Nah, fair and balanced at every turn, only the best interest of the taxpayers at heart. There’s a bridge in Brooklyn for sale if you buy that line.
Walter Goldeski
East Brunswick