Buchanan and Melendez have knowledge, experience, commitment

On Nov. 8 I am voting for proven leadership. I am voting for Dan Buchanan and Ricci Melendez for Sayreville Borough Council.

Chris Hibinski has no experience in how to run a borough. In an article in last week’s Suburban (“Sayreville Election Could Upset Political Party Balance on Council”), he said he wants to understand why Woodbridge is able to afford so many amenities while Sayreville cannot. Well, if we were to raise our taxes to the high level of Woodbridge, we could afford those amenities. According to the Department of Community Affairs, of the 25 towns in Middlesex County, in 2015 Woodbridge was ranked 13th, while Sayreville was ranked 21st, in taxes.

When on the Sayreville Borough Council, Dan and Ricci have worked hard to maintain one of the lowest tax rates in the county while supplying top-notch services. They have the knowledge and experience to use all the resources available to them. They have a plan to keep our residents safe by continuing the surveillance-camera program Ricci started last year in the senior center and police station, and they hope to have the schools participate in this program for the safety of our children. They have a plan to reduce morning traffic tie-ups in the borough with money granted to us by the state. They are committed to make sure the ramp from the Driscoll Bridge from the southbound Garden State Parkway into Sayreville is completed.

Dan and Ricci are always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for the residents of Sayreville. They know how to spend our tax dollars wisely and efficiently. In this critical time, we can’t let the inexperience and false hopes of Hibinski and Art Rittenhouse spiral our taxes out of control.


William Henry