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Nyitrai’s top priority is families and children in South Brunswick


Current South Brunswick Board of Education candidate Laszlo Nyitrai Jr. would be a perfect fit for the South Brunswick community.

As the center director for KinderCare, I have known Laszlo for the past five years, and his dedication and passion for protecting and serving our community are evident. Personally, Laszlo has helped to make our children, families and staff feel safe by always making sure that KinderCare is protected. He has come to the center in the middle of the night, braving severe weather in order to provide me with information to share with my families. During superstorm Sandy, he made us feel like a priority in making sure that our center was safe for the return of all of our families and children. As a South Brunswick police lieutenant, he has volunteered to do a police demonstration and speak with the children regarding safety and even let them explore a police car.

By going above and beyond for our community, I have no doubt that Laszlo Nyitrai Jr. will provide outstanding leadership for South Brunswick. He is a strong communicator and has great knowledge of our community and the people who reside here. As a current resident himself, Laszlo’s top priority is to help all of the families and children of South Brunswick. He is genuine, devoted and loyal to all of those who cross his path, and his true concerns are protecting and serving his community. Now, Laszlo can help South Brunswick achieve greater success by leading our blooming community in the right direction with positive intentions.

I hope that you will cast your vote for Laszlo Nyitrai Jr. for the South Brunswick Board of Education on Election Day.

Tiffany Maderazo
Center Director
Monmouth Junction

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