Push to approve referendum seen as ‘propaganda’

Linwood Middle School

In the Dec. 20 North & South Brunswick Sentinel article by Jennifer Amato reporting the passage of the school expansion referendum in North Brunswick (“No. Brunswick voters approve new construction”), North Brunswick Superintendent of Schools Brian Zychowski is quoted, crediting passage of the measure to a voter education program conducted by the North Brunswick Board of Education and the local political machine.

Their education program was a well-financed campaign that included targeted mailings, robo calls, lawn signs, a website with a video and a letter from the principals to the parents to be carried home by elementary school students. This was not an education program – it was a propaganda program.

We pay Zychowski enough that he can live [in a town] where [the schools are highly ranked]. All he can do in North Brunswick is increase our tax burden and mire our school system in mediocrity. Why is the new school costing way more than the new Edison school (rebuilt after a fire)? I know of less costly ways to solve the overcrowding problem, which were probably not considered.

Follow the money on this one. The educated voters voted ‘No.’ A plurality of 159 votes is not a mandate.

Richard Pender
North Brunswick