Sayreville school board approves new leadership positions


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SAYREVILLE – A Sayreville School District administrator has been appointed by the Board of Education to assume a newly-created role in the district for the 2017-18 school year.

On the recommendation of Superintendent of Schools Richard Labbe, the board appointed Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School Principal Edward Aguiles to the new position of director of Human Resources and Professional Development.

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The vote on Aguiles’ appointment was 7-2, with board President Kevin Ciak and board members Thomas Biesiada, Lucy Bloom, Beth DePinto, Anthony Esposito, Michael Macagnone and John Walsh voting “yes,” while board Vice President Phyllis Batko and board member Daniel Balka voted “no.”

“[Aguiles] is one of the most intelligent people [who] I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet,” Labbe said. “[Aguiles is] someone [who] is incredibly dedicated to children and you can see that in everything he does while in Sayreville and outside of Sayreville. [He’s] also a lifelong learner who is dedicated to enhancing professional development. I asked him last year to take over an initiative called ‘Our Leadership Academy’ [and] I can’t believe how much he was able to do in [a] very short period of time.

“I cannot think of a better person to lead us in [the] domains [of human resources and professional development] than Dr. Edward Aguiles,” he said.

Ciak echoed the superintendent’s praise of Aguiles.

“I still remember when we sent [then] Superintendent of Schools Dennis Fyffe out in the rain to go grab you [Aguiles] before you left because we wanted to make sure that we secured your principalship of the then Arleth school,” the board president said. “And I know in working with you from an HR [human relations] perspective that you’re definitely going to perpetuate and help us enhance the culture and climate in the Sayreville Public Schools.”

Aguiles’ appointment will be effective from Nov. 1 until June 30, 2018. His appointment was originally scheduled to become effective on Oct. 1, but was pushed back a month to assist administrators in finding a potential successor as Eisenhower principal before Aguiles departs from the position.

He will receive a prorated salary of $149,400.

In addition to Aguiles, the board appointed Mala Maharana to the position of mathematics supervisor and Carolynn O’Connor to the position of science supervisor.

Maharana and O’Connor will succeed Joseph Trivisonno, the supervisor of mathematics and sciences, whose resignation was approved by the board on Aug. 22 and will become effective on or before Oct. 10.

Trivisonno’s position was split to separate the domains of mathematics and science, according to Labbe.

The appointments of Maharana and O’Connor will be effective on or before Nov. 20 until June 30, 2018. Maharana will receive a prorated salary of $102,575 and O’Connor will receive a prorated salary of $96,275.

As noted by Labbe, O’Connor was previously a teacher in Sayreville and both O’Connor and Maharana are joining the district from the nearby Perth Amboy School District.

“[O’Connor] is an incredible leader,” the superintendent said. “She’s done amazing things in Perth Amboy as she did while she was in Sayreville. I couldn’t be prouder to have the opportunity to once again work with Ms. O’Connor in the capacity of supervisor of science.

“We [the administrators] went about looking for a math supervisor and we [wanted] two people [who] are going to be able to work together well, collaborate effectively and just continue to move us in the right direction when it comes to STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics],” he continued. “And we came across another amazing leader [in Perth Amboy] who’s also very astute in curriculum and extremely proficient in pedagogy.

“[Maharana and O’Connor] happen to be very close friends due to the remarkable work that they have done together. I am very proud to introduce Mala Maharana as our new math supervisor in the Sayreville Public Schools.”

Ciak also spoke highly of O’Connor and Maharana.

“Ms. O’Connor, welcome home,” Ciak said. “We’re very glad that you’ve been able to return to us. I know you were a phenomenal teacher when you were here [and] I’m sure now that you’ve got some experience in Perth Amboy as a supervisor, you’ve now got two different districts under your belt, both as a teacher and a supervisor. Those talents will continue to enhance our curriculum here under your leadership.

“Ms. Maharana, welcome to Sayreville,” he said. “We look forward to everything that you’re going to provide for our students here. And we’re really excited about the partnership that you have built with Ms. O’Connor. The board really was concerned about separating [mathematics and science] and not having that STEM connection, but two heads are better than one, especially two that already have a good working relationship.”

Finally, the board appointed Stephen Gluchowski, a vice principal at Sayreville War Memorial High School (SWMHS), to the position of interim high school principal. He will assume the duties of high school Principal James Brown, who is currently on medical leave.

Gluchowski’s appointment as interim principal is effective from Sept. 7 to Nov. 17 and he will receive a prorated salary of $132,340.

“This is something that [Gluchowski’s] been ready to do for quite some time,” Labbe said. “I am proud to ask you [the board] to appoint on an interim basis Mr. Gluchowski as the interim principal at the Sayreville War Memorial High School.”

“Mr. Gluchowski [was] born and bred [in Sayreville] and [is] a graduate of [Sayreville War Memorial High School],” Ciak said. “You’ve [Gluchowski] been a speaker at our SWMHS Hall of Fame dinners for quite some time and I know you’re going to do a great job as interim high school principal and continue to perpetuate the once a Bomber, always a Bomber culture here.”

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