Resident speaks out on superintendent’s contract

I attended the Marlboro K-8 School District Board of Education meeting on Oct. 3 regarding a new contract for Superintendent of Schools Eric Hibbs. I listened carefully to both sides and have made the following determination on the issue.

Dr. Hibbs has three years remaining on his five-year contract that he signed at $165,000 a year. It would seem to me that someone in the leadership position he is in would want to keep his word and show his signature on a contract means something.

Dr. Hibbs supported three failed school board referendums, each for over $26 million, for “desperately needed repairs and upgrades” and yet is willing to ask for a $26,585  increase in year one of a new five-year contract.

In addition, he receives a 2 percent salary increase in years two through five; year two, $191,585 plus $3,831, totaling $195,416; year three, $195,416 plus $3,908, totaling $199,324; year four, $199,324 plus $3,986, totaling $203,310;
year five, $203,310 plus $4,066, totaling $207,376.

The taxpayers of Marlboro will pay over the next five years, if this new contract is approved, $997,011 to Dr. Hibbs. This represents an increase of $172,011 over the $825,000 he is now receiving at $165,000 yearly.

It seems to me we can get some needed school repairs done with $172,000, however, the absurdities don’t stop there.

Currently his membership in professional groups is capped at $400 a year. His new contract calls for a $5,000 per year cap for professional group memberships. This is an increase of $23,000 in taxpayer expense.

Heard enough? I’m not done. He can receive a 12 percent merit bonus in any year the school board grants it.

Let’s take an average salary of the five years which is $199,402, meaning he would earn an additional $23,928 as a merit bonus. Dr. Hibbs, man up and ask the school board to not pursue a new five-year contract Marlboro cannot afford.

George Longobardi