Principal appointed to lead Eisenhower Elementary


SAYREVILLE – A new principal has been appointed to serve at Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School.

Scott Nurnberger began on Nov. 1 after the Board of Education approved his employment on Oct. 17. His employment will remain effective through the end of the 2017-18 school year on June 30, 2018, and he will receive a total salary of $115,930 ($114,730 base salary with a $1,200 longevity bonus).

Prior to becoming Eisenhower’s principal, Nurnberger served the district as vice principal of the Samsel Upper Elementary School (SUES), according to Superintendent of Schools Richard Labbe.

“After a very comprehensive search [for the next Eisenhower principal], we realized that we had an incredibly talented professional here [in Sayreville] waiting for the opportunity to demonstrate on a higher level the leadership skills that we knew he already possessed,” Labbe said.

“Mr. Nurnberger, congratulations on the principalship of Eisenhower school,” board President Kevin Ciak said. “We know you’re going to make a great principal over at Eisenhower.”

Nurnberger succeeded Edward Aguiles, who was appointed by the board as director of Human Resources and Development, a new administrative position, in September. Aguiles departed from Eisenhower to his new position in the district on Nov. 1, the same day Nurnberger became principal.

Succeeding Nurnberger as Samsel vice principal is Richard Tola, who also assumed his new position on Nov. 1 after the board approved his employment on Oct. 17. He will receive a prorated salary of $93,910 and his employment will effective through June 30.

As Samsel vice principal, Tola will have his first administrative role in the district. He previously served as a physical education teacher at the Sayreville War Memorial High School and Eisenhower.

“Once again, we found an incredibly talented leader with great potential here in our instructional ranks,” Labbe said. “Every time that we interviewed [Tola], he impressed us more and more, not only in what he said, but the experiences that he involved himself in, in order to demonstrate the leadership capacity he possessed and more importantly, the leadership potential that he would be able to provide us if given the opportunity.”

“Mr. Tola, congratulations in your first step in administration as vice principal at the upper elementary school,” Ciak said. “You’re going to have a great mentor working under Mrs. Stacey Coglianese [Samsel principal] and we expect great things. You’ve done a great job for us, not only as a teacher, but also in all the other activities you’ve been involved in, as a coach, member of the Blue Ribbon Committee, a member of the Vision 2030 Summit.”

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