Dr. Shapiro of Plaza Chiropractic-It’s never too late to get active


By Dr. Ira Shapiro

Director of the Plaza Chiropractic Center

Each year, millions of Americans play sports ranging from walking and bowling to running and weightlifting with swimming, aerobics and yoga continuing to rise in popularity.

The benefits are many and include everything from weight loss to better cardio and mental health. Thirty minutes of daily exercise is ideal. Three-hundred minutes a week is even better.

But while the levels of participation continue to rise across every age group, the truth is many people just stop playing sports in their mid-20s. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25.9 percent of those aged 15 to 24 engage in sports or exercise on a given day, compared with 18.5 percent of those aged 25 to 54 and 17.7 percent of those aged 55 and over.

Health, time, and declining interest are the worst culprits, says a recent study from Harvard University. Unfortunately, life often takes over as we get older. The advantages of wisdom and experience are commonly accompanied by expanding responsibilities, aches, pains, injury and illness.

But, there’s no reason to give up even if you haven’t worked out in years. There are many activities that can improve health, mental wellbeing and even performance at any age. You just have to be smart about it. Start slow. Be safe. Don’t push too far, too soon or too often.

Here are some tips for finding that groove and staying healthy, no matter your age, level of fitness, or interest:

  • Sleep tight. Studies are increasingly showing the importance of a good night’s sleep for controlling weight and recovering from a hard day’s work.
  • Be consistent. The starts and stops of a weekend warrior can be as harmful to the body as working too intensely on a daily basis.
  • Increase flexibility to avoid injuries. A proper warm up is essential for warming muscles and enhancing flexibility.

For more information on creating better, fitter and healthier lives for the entire family please contact the Plaza Chiropractic Center in Old Bridge at 732-723-0023 or visit www.plazachiro.com. Our trained staff will be happy to work with you, no matter your age or condition, to develop a safe and effective wellness program that complements your life style and offers long-lasting fitness rewards.