Services Locator offers access to Middlesex County resources

Jennifer Amato

Middlesex County is making it easier to access services such as locating food, substance abuse resources, job training, veterans services, housing or caregiving with the introduction of its new online Services Locator.

“Sometimes, we don’t know where to begin when searching for adult care, social services programs or emergency assistance. Our Services Locator tailors your search to the needs of you and your family, so you can focus on your priorities,” Middlesex County Freeholder Blanquita B. Valenti, chair of the county’s Community Services Committee, said in a prepared statement.

Using map-based technology, enter a ZIP code and create a fully personalized search for the exact services needed. Results can be narrowed to find services that fit a budget, family needs or schedule, according to the statement.

While the Services Locator is tailored to Middlesex County users, it is built on the Aunt Bertha platform, enabling users to search for services in other parts of the state and country. Aunt Bertha is the largest resource engine of its type in the United States, with program listings in every ZIP code, according to the statement.

“The Services Locator represents another way the county uses technology to make life easier for our residents,” Freeholder Director Ronald G. Rios said in the statement. “Maybe you are new to the area and want to find out about local programs and services. Our Services Locator can help find what you need, using only a few clicks.”

The Middlesex County Services Locator can be accessed by clicking the “Find Services” icon at the top of the homepage of the Middlesex County website at