HILLSBOROUGH: Local nonprofits awarded funds through township credit card program

Boy Scout Troop 89 were among the recipients of this year's grants. (Courtesy photo)

More than $4,000 in grants were recently awarded to five Hillsborough youth-based non-profits through the township’s ongoing partnership with Affinity Federal Credit Union.

Received through the Hillsborough Rewards Visa Credit Card Program, the funds were presented in a large ceremonial check by Mayor Gloria McCauley, Committeeman Greg Burchette andmembers of the Credit Card Advisory Committee.

“The Hillsborough Rewards Visa Credit Card program is a great resource for our local organizations, that qualify, to obtain funding without any expense to our taxpayers,” McCauley said.

The resulting grants are solely disbursed to non-profit local youth and senior citizen groups. The Township Credit Card Advisory Committee selects which organizations are chosen to receive the funds, though the committee has final approval.

The Spring 2018 grant recipients were Hillsborough Jr. Raiders Sports Inc., Cub Scout Pack 1776, Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse, Boy Scout Troop 89 and the Hillsborough High School Choir Parents Association.

Representatives from each organization received the funds during the meeting, citing various purchases and improvements that would be gained through that money.

The Hillsborough Jr. Raiders Sports Inc. received $1,575 for new padding for their goal posts. Both Cub Scout 1776 and Boy Scout Troop 89 were respectively awarded $675 and $530 grants for new camping supplies Hillsborough Youth Lacrosse received $1,500 for new nets.

Though the Hillsborough High School Choir Parents Association did not have a representative at the meeting, an Affinity Federal Credit Union officials said the group was getting $447, though they were unable to say what that money would go to.

Since its inception, officials estimate that nearly $80,000 in grants have been awarded through the program.

According to officials, the program works when local residents and businesses sign up for the special Affinity Hillsborough Rewards Visa Credit Card.

“Every time the Hillsborough Rewards Credit Card is swiped, there’s something called ‘interchange income’ – that income is given to the credit union or the bank or wherever that card is administered from,” Market Relationship Manager Shawn Lubitz said. “What Affinity Federal Credit Union does is we donate a large portion of that interchange income to the township.”

Along with providing support for local organizations, cardholders get one point for every dollar spent, which they can use for a number of rewards, including cash back, gift cards and other options.

The program is the result of a partnership with the Hillsborough branch of the Affinity Federal Credit Union and is provided at no cost to the taxpayers.