Deputy mayor inducted to civic leaders program at McGuire Air Force Base


Deputy Mayor Eugene M. Fuzy was recently honored for his years of public service, as officials with McGuire Air Force Base’s 305th Mobility Wing inducted him as an “Honorary Commander” on Sept. 27.

Under the jurisdiction of the Air Mobility Command, the Burlington County joint base utilizes the Honorary Commanders Program for essential outreach and open communication with its surrounding communities. Its initiated commanders represent key management roles in order to increase public awareness of base activities such as missions, policies and programs of the joint base.

After a friend brought attention of the program to Fuzy, currently in his second year as deputy mayor, he felt it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up to benefit his role toward serving the township and self-growth.

“The program felt like a great fit for me and seemed like it had a lot to offer, so I applied [for it],” said Fuzy. “I’ve always been interested in different management styles – seeing how they work for different people and how I could apply it here to the community.”

Fuzy said he intends to develop a supportive partnership with the base on behalf on the township. In doing so, he anticipates his new position to correspond with his municipal duties as well.

“With community outreach and involvement, that will definitely parallel my roles between honorary commander and deputy mayor,” Fuzy added. “During my liaison reports for committee meetings, I will not only report on my work throughout the township, but my activity at the base also each month.”

With the Air Force program’s main goal to engage, inform and sustain an open dialogue between the base and residents, commanders are advised to interact with each other to discuss leadership roles and skills to help learn from one another.

Initially joining the municipality in 2015 as vice-chairman for the environmental commission before his eventual recruitment to deputy mayor, Fuzy is confident that his active involvement in prior managing roles will benefit him in his endeavors as an honorary commander.

“It’s always good to be at the township committee table discussing things and being part of a decisive team dedicated toward helping people in the town, so I think [this honorary commander role] will help,” he said. “I’ve always been in leadership roles, so it’s great to be in this position.”

Although Fuzy’s association with the program will require a dedicated amount of time toward learning about the base, participating in on-site events and relaying vital information, he assures that his role on the township committee will precede his time at McGuire.

“Time management between my responsibilities as deputy mayor and the base will be difficult, but serving the township will be my top priority,” Fuzy said.