Resident: Nepotism is making a comeback in Old Bridge

Wake up, Old Bridge residents.

Come down to a council meeting, watch on public access or YouTube and see for yourself that nepotism is about to make a comeback in Old Bridge. The last council meeting was a real eyeopener on Councilman Mark Razzoli.

First, he nominated Councilman John Murphy for a voting seat on the Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority, when Murphy has both a son and brother working at the Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority.

Councilman Razzoli then proposes that the council discuss repealing the Anti-Nepotism Ordinance put in place by the Republicans.

I was also surprised to see that Council Members Brown, Cahill, Merwin and Murphy went along with this blatant display of arrogance.

Old Bridge does not need a return to the “Bad Old Days” when Old Bridge was an employment agency for the Democrats, and they resorted to selling land, to close a budget gap, because of their then overinflated payroll.

This administration replaced cronyism with professionalism. Let’s not go backwards.  Councilman Razzoli has declared he is running for mayor. He will never get my vote, and I hope not yours. The other council members Brown, Cahill, Merwin and Murphy who support this lack of judgement do not have my support either. We need council members who are responsible and act in our best interest, not theirs, or they are not worthy of our support.

Come see for yourself. Know so you can say “no.”

Faith Occhiogrosso
Old Bridge