Resident takes issue with planned parking fee

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

In an extremely short-sighted decision, the Borough Council in Freehold Borough has approved a fee for parking program for downtown Freehold. I’ve heard all of the rationale for instituting the program and installing meters.

The study and installation as well as the personnel involved won’t come cheaply either. I’ve heard the revenue will got toward maintaining and improving the parking lots in town and consequently reduce property taxes.

Come on, in anyone’s memory when has anything brought property taxes down once (a program has been) instituted, despite promises it would – never.

I’ve heard that pay parking was successfully done in Asbury Park, Red Bank and Princeton. Well folks, we’re not Asbury Park, Red Bank or Princeton.

We’re not a place where people come to spend the day or even an afternoon. That’s just reality. What we are is a wonderful small town with some terrific eateries and that’s our main draw.

There also are some excellent places to eat in neighboring towns and when faced with the choice of pulling into a strip mall and parking for free or coming into the borough and paying for parking, we may not fare all that well.

The reality that our restaurants will lose business is definitely not worth it. Our elected council members need to understand this.

Dr. David Giffler
Freehold Borough