Will Chris Noth’s show ‘Gone’ on WGN be back?


Question: Gone is a great series on WGN America! I would love to see this show continue! —Unsigned

Matt Roush: Here’s the thing about WGNA programming. None of it is original to the channel anymore. The shows now airing on WGNA are all acquisitions, and in the case of Gone, it’s a show that first began airing in late 2017 in international markets and only now found its way to an American outlet. Only one season of 12 episodes has been filmed and it’s hard to imagine more being made. This isn’t WGN’s call. They bought the show as is, and if more were to come, they might buy that, too. But I wouldn’t count on it.

Question: I just wanted to give praise to After Life on Netflix. What a wonderful show about a topic as hard as grief. I hope they make Season 2 as wonderful. —Unsigned

Matt Roush: I had much the same reaction to this terrific tragicomedy. Initially worried because the maudlin tone of Ricky Gervais’ previous series for Netflix, Derek, had been such a turnoff, After Life turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I’m hopeful it will be as enjoyable the second time around, although the character arc of Ricky’s character, Tony, through the first season felt satisfyingly complete. Still, I know I’d watch another short season.

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