Skunk tests positive for rabies in Sayreville

Scott Jacobs


SAYREVILLE – A skunk has tested positive for rabies in Sayreville in the vicinity of Marcia Street and Lagoda Street.

This is the fourth rabid animal reported within Middlesex County for 2019 and the first rabid animal in Sayreville for the year, according to information provided by the Middlesex County Office of Health Services.

On May 16, a Sayreville resident’s dog was attacked by a skunk in the yard, according to the statement. The skunk was killed in the fight and collected by animal control.

The skunk was taken to the New Jersey Department of Health Laboratory for testing. It was reported on May 20 that the animal tested positive for rabies.

There were no known human exposures and one domestic animal exposure, according to the statement. The owner was instructed to contact the family veterinarian for rabies post-exposure treatment.