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Dental Health issues can be repaired through treatment

Poor dental health can lead to serious issues in someone’s mouth and body.

However, there are treatments available to combat the problems of poor dental health that can be provided by a local dentist.

“It is better to catch the issues of dental hygiene issues like gum disease before they even start. Prevention is important because when it comes to gingivitis this process needs to be stopped,” explained Dr. Marjan Habibian, a dentist in Plainsboro with more than 25 years of experience.

Some of the treatments include deep cleanings and scaling for dental hygiene and gum disease.

“For gum disease first the patient has to understand the disease and the process. The same goes for tooth decay like a cavity, because it is a bacteria infection,” she said. “We as people have to control the bacteria index in our mouths by engaging in good oral health. After the patient understands that we can restore these problems we can address them. For example, with a cavity we are removing the build up or infected gum, because our body has a lot of capacity to heal and repair itself.”

Habibian said so many problems start from the mouth and can cause problems in people’s general health.

“I recommend also that people visit their dentist two times a year. People should have a check up and cleaning,” she said. “But sometimes people are not able to visit their dentist due to not having coverage, which makes prevention at home key to good health.”

She said that oral cancer is a possible problem with poor dental care.

“Your mouth is a gateway to a healthy body. For example, if there is an opening in your gum area the bacteria can end up in your blood stream, which can cause a heart attack or cancer.”

Habibian said she tells her patients if you get a filling for a cavity today and you don’t floss or come for your regular check up, you can have the same cavity in the same tooth again.

Habibian she said that she has seen an up and down improvement in oral health through her 25 years.

“It depends on the person, education or culture, and economics. There are great results with people who are disciplined and who follow up with check ups,” she said. “Then there are some people who are struggling to stay consistent with the course of the treatment. Improvement happens when there is a consistent routine for individual looking to have or continue good oral health.”

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion suggests that people should not only have a daily routine of brushing with fluoride toothpaste, daily flossing, and professional treatment, but also have better health behaviors.

According to officials, poor dental health can come from factors like tobacco use, excessive alcohol use and a poor diet.


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