Opinion: Teach the Holocaust, avoid anti-Semitism

I applaud East Brunswick High School teacher Robert Gangi for continuing to teach students about the horrors of the Holocaust. The progressive, politically correct crowd, sanitizing and rewriting history, should instead study it.

At a time when Democrat politicians are wont to compare the Nazi death camp concentration camps to the detainment facilities housing illegal aliens at our southern border and use the term “Never Again,” it is imperative the truth be told.

How dare the likes of Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (known as AOC) (or “Airhead Of Congress”) compare World War II concentration camps, to which millions of Jews were torn from their homes and herded like cattle, to facilities that house illegal aliens that come here willingly.

“Never Again” should be the theme used to prevent the election of anti-Semites such AOC.

Walter Goldeski
East Brunswick