The Best Vape Thickener for your THC Vape Juice


Customizing THC vape juice depends on the user. Of course, you have to consider the fundamental aspects of preparing the e-liquid; on the other hand, it does not mean that these e-liquids need to taste or look the same.

You can experiment by adding different flavors and enhancers. THC vape juice gives that freedom.

One of the most prolific solutions in the market vapers use is a vape thickener. If it is your first time hearing about such a solution, then this article offers a full exposition on what these thickeners are all about, and why they are vital for your THC vape juice.

Why you should enhance your THC vape juice

THC carries very many benefits. That is a fact. It makes you high, reduces anxiety, and contains other therapeutic benefits.

Nonetheless, the bad news is that THC concentrates can be tasteless. The extraction process steals away the scent and the taste that natural flower possesses. Natural terpenes found within the plants die away because of this. Hence, vaping it like this can be horrific, especially if you are a sweet tooth.

Another reason is that THC extracts can be cumbersome if you consume it that way. You can liquefy them, but your vape pen might use so much energy to vape it.

Why a Vape Thickener

Primarily, as the name suggests, thickeners contain ingredients that make the vape oil thick. Two myths that people have is that:

–         Adding a vape thickener makes you high

It does not. Even if you add an entire bottle of it to the concentrate, it will not make you high. Most of them do not have cannabis unless the retailers add it to the solution manually.

–         The vape thickener is not safe

As real as it might sound, this fact is not valid. Quality thickeners should not possess any ingredients that can put your life into danger. By the way, this is the reason you should be careful when buying the right solution for your vape juice.

What characteristics should a quality oil thickener have?

People who are looking for a vape thickener should be vigilant during purchase. The wrong solution could spoil your vape juice. Some of the characteristics you should check:

1. The ingredients used

Be sure to check its components. Most retailers will offer solutions that have labels. Always take note of what they write on it to avoid buying low quality ones. Besides that, they can have a flavor or not. It will depend on the user’s preference.

These flavors come from non-poisonous plant extracts. Meaning some will carry a fruity taste; alternatively, you can buy a thickener that has a cannabis flavor.

Its ingredients should be safe to use even if you consume it raw. You can do this by checking a variety of reviews on the product you would love to pick.

2. You do not have to use much of it on your vape juice

Low quality will demand that you use a lot of it to bring the effect on your e-juice. That should not be the case. Quality solutions should be influential even when you add one or two drops of it.

If you have the mixing calculator, you can use a dropper or a syringe to ensure that you add it in the proper amounts. Incorrect amounts could dilute the entire solution, especially the THC amounts.

3. It saturates the coil quickly

Sometimes, for more effortless vaping, most experts suggest that you add some few drops of the thickener to the coil. It assists in making it ready for vaping by saturating it beforehand. That also helps in ensuring that you do not use most of the energy available on your battery.

4. It does not dilute pre-filled cartridges

Pre-filled cartridges come with a varying degree of thickness and thinness. You can use the thickener to thicken it.  The vape thickener should not dilute the vape oil’s constituents in any way.

Bonus tips:

Before preparing the THC vape juice, ensure that you store the solutions, including the extracts appropriately. Ensure that the thickener is also in good condition for use. Expired terpene diluent can destroy the entire vape oil.

Final Thoughts

With the right vape thickener, you can be sure that your THC vape juice will be top-notch. Because of the freedom that comes with THC vape juice, try as many flavors as possible. You do not have to stick with one. Wash the cartridge thoroughly if you wish to refill it with different flavors.

Contributed by Adnan Afzal