Jackson council appoints three new zoning board members

JACKSON – The Jackson Zoning Board of Adjustment will have three new members when it conducts its next meeting.

During a Township Council meeting on Sept. 24, members of the governing body voted unanimously to fill three vacancies on the zoning board.

Council President Robert Nixon, Vice President Barry Calogero, Councilman Kenneth Bressi, Councilman Andrew Kern and Councilman Alex Sauickie III voted “yes” on the passage of a resolution.

The following individuals were appointed to the zoning board:

• Garnold Miller was appointed as a regular member to fill the unexpired term of Joseph Sullivan. Miller’s term will run through June 30, 2023;

• Judge James Hurley was appointed as a regular member to fill the unexpired term of Sheldon Hofstein. Hurley’s term will run through June 30, 2020;

• Jeanine Fritch was appointed as Alternate No. 1 to fill the unexpired term of Denis Weigert. Fritch’s term will run through June 30, 2021.

In other business, the council members awarded a contract to Meco Inc. for the 2019 pavement improvements in Jackson. The contract is in the amount of $1,544,423.

According to a resolution, the township previously advertised for the receipt of bids on Sept. 6 and the following bids were submitted for the proposed work: Meco Inc., $1,544,423; Earle Asphalt Company, $1,571,413; and S&G Paving Inc., $1,731,895.

The resolution states that in accordance with state law, “any purchases, contracts or agreements which require public advertisement for bids shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.”

Jackson’s purchasing agent, Veronica Dingle, determined that Meco Inc. submitted the lowest responsible bid and recommended that the contract for the 2019 pavement improvements be awarded to the firm.

Finally, council members presented a certificate of appreciation to Blanche Krubner, who has served Jackson in a volunteer capacity for 46 years and is retiring. Most notably, Krubner served on the Planning Board and on the Jackson Environmental Commission.

“I would like to express my appreciation (for the certificate),” Krubner said. “It is nice to be remembered this way. I hope to leave you a Jackson that is green, tree-filled, with very potable water.”

Bressi said he served with Krubner on municipal boards and added, “Jackson is lucky to have had her dedication for many years.”

During public comment, resident Denise Garner said she served with Krubner on the environmental commission for 16 years.

“Blanche, thank you for your impeccable service on the environmental commission and as a Planning Board member. You were the strong light in the darkness … in protecting and preserving our beautiful township.

“Thank you for giving me strength to stand up to development. You have given this town a beautiful legacy I hope we will continue. Today, our commission is not as strong as it should be … all I see is a rubber stamp; it’s shameful,” Garner said.