Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Frank DelCore to township committee on Nov. 5

To the Editor,

I am a proud 32-year resident of Hillsborough Township. Our township’s success has been driven by Mayor Frank DelCore’s sound strategic and fiscally responsible decisions. Frank’s leadership has helped to improve our township and quality of life.

Mayor DelCore has lived in Hillsborough with his family for over 18 years and is deeply rooted in our community, selflessly serving our township. He is intelligent, thoughtful and a true leader with integrity and passionate in his efforts to continually improve our community. Mayor Frank DelCore is a leader serving on the Hillsborough Township Committee for 12 years and as mayor for five years.

Proof of Frank and the Republican Party lead township committee accomplishments to-date include:

  • five consecutive years of reductions or no increases to the municipal tax rates
  • continued purchasing of open space to limit development
  • efforts to minimize the impact to Hillsborough of State mandated affordable housing
  • recognition of the following:
    • Best Places to Live in America – “Money Magazine” (4 times)
    • 2019 Best Towns for Families – “New Jersey Family Magazine”
    • Safest Towns – “StreetWise”
    • 2019 Municipal Innovation Award for “Going Green”

Your vote for Mayor Frank DelCore will ensure our township’s bright future continues uninterrupted.

I ask that you please vote for Frank DelCore on Nov. 5.

Nathan Santaromita