Reader influenced by Azra Baig


My time on the South Brunswick Board of Education has been my most meaningful commitment I have had the privilege of taking part in. It was through this opportunity that I met Azra Baig. Throughout my entire experience, she always made me feel validated even though I was the youngest person in the room. She would always make a conscious effort to make my voice heard, making sure to include me in a discussion or asking for feedback. This is a true testament of who she is. Mrs. Baig stood out immediately to me as someone who is passionate, dedicated and is a team player that was available and willing to help in any way that she could.

It is for this reason that I urge the South Brunswick community to re-elect Azra Baig for her third term on the Board of Education this upcoming November.

Working alongside Mrs. Baig has shown me that she will continue to take South Brunswick to new heights. I have personally seen the incredible work she does in our community.  She is attentive to the work the BOE does. She is always asking questions during meetings, making sure their work is reflective of our community’s needs and is accessible to all.

During my tenure on the board, I worked with her as a member of the district’s Homework Committee. Alongside parents, students, teachers, central administrations and other board members – we examined homework policies, researched “best practices” to approach homework and gathered information to reform district-wide homework strategy.

Mrs. Baig was dedicated to discuss topics associated with homework, stress, and was willing to hear recommendations that would improve the educational experience for students.

Having been a student at South Brunswick High School, I was appreciative of her commitment to the goals of the committee. The revisions to the examination of content, district resources, and assessments of testing practices were helpful in enhancing the school environment. The “No Homework Policy” in particular helped shift the school culture surrounding mental health among students. The efforts of the committee, including that of Mrs. Baig, are continuing to help foster a positive environment, one in which students take time to spend more time with family or pursue personal passions.

This is not where Mrs. Baig’s work stops. She has also served on the Mental Wellness dashboard, the Academic Policy Committee, and as the South Brunswick school board liaison to the South Brunswick Women’s Commission.

More importantly, Mrs. Baig is a cheerleader for the community in and out of meetings. I can’t remember a time where I haven’t seen her at a school function, whether it be a football game or a pep rally. She is devoted and truly immersed into every aspect of South Brunswick.

Her leadership is uniquely collaborative and purposed with making sure people see the results they want.

I strongly urge you to vote for Azra Baig to see problem solving, collaboration and a continued record of excellence in the South Brunswick community.


Sara Rubiano
South Brunswick