Dr. Spano offers varied chiropractic care


A good chiropractor is hard to find, even in this age of internet. In today’s world, I was able to find from a recommendation from a friend of mine a good chiropractor in my town of East Brunswick. Dr. Frank Spano has an office at 180 Tices Lane. He first went to Fairleigh Dickinson University and then went to Life College in Georgia for his doctorate work.


Dr. Spano has an interest in chiropractic medicine from his childhood because his parents believed in the techniques and took him there when he was a child for treatment. He has 20 employees and offers a wide variety of services beyond just chiropractic such as physical therapy, acupuncture, message therapy and personal training. He also offers a medically supervised weight-loss program. Dr. Spano also has equipment that many others in his field rarely have. His patients, therefore, can get all various treatments in one place. They are very happy with him because they can get better soon.


Dr. Spano treats his patients according to their individual needs. He uses diverse techniques. His office has an EPAT machine to treat pain associated with heel spurs, tendonitis and other conditions. He also has DRX 9000 to treat various nerves in the body.

He likes to help people and is very intelligent and knowledgeable in his field. He is also very confident that he can help his patients with their health issues like sciatica, herniated disc, etc. He is a jolly and easy-going person. His wife, Isabel, is very sweet and compassionate. She works in his office and helps Dr. Spano’s patients. His staff is very cordial.

I would definitely recommend this doctor to anyone.

Janya Bhave

East Brunswick