Are you looking forward to a ‘Revenge’ reboot?


Question: What do you think of the news of ABC developing a reboot of Revenge? I watched every episode of the original series, long after it had gotten stale, mostly because Emily VanCamp was such a compelling lead for it. But that show ran out of gas creatively somewhere around season two. I can’t get excited about a sequel series to something that already overstayed its welcome. —Jake

Matt Roush: I can’t argue with you about Revenge running out of steam — I think I bailed midway through the second season — but I’ll keep an open mind about the proposed reboot, which according to reports would be an entirely new story built around a different character, this time Latinx, who has her own reasons for seeking payback against a big-bad nemesis. The premise of Revenge was always strong, even when the execution wasn’t, and I’d be more excited if ABC were to announce that Revenge was coming back as an anthology, granting your wish of single- season and self-contained revenge melodramas that would pose less of a risk of spinning their wheels. Another intriguing element of a Revenge reboot (a trend that rarely gets my pulse racing) is that the story will reportedly feature a character from the original series to help jump- start the plot — and could that be anyone but Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann)?

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