Letter to the Editor: Vote, and in that way speak out

To the Editor,
Not a few recently have thought: “Now is the Winter of our discontent.” Perchance, I discovered in the Big Apple, the presentation of Shakespeare’s “Richard III,” a play and portrayal that proved most prescient in its writing of a man who would be king.
For here was the story of a man who was ready to employ,
in his narcissism, every ruthless stratagem to eliminate all
in his way, be it through lies, bribes, or murder.
It is not a pleasant portrayal, all too close to our present
political reality. But it can be a warning, called out from long
ago, of the national danger in not actively opposing such a
fiend, of merely helplessly hoping that some harlequin hovers nearby
awaiting a word, rather than taking “up arms against a sea of troubles

and by opposing, end them.”

As President Obama recently urged, vote, and in that way speak out.
Huck Fairman