East Windsor Township Council seeks volunteers


A few good men and women to volunteer to serve on East Windsor Township’s advisory boards and committees, are requested to help, if able, no experience necessary.

That’s what the East Windsor Township Council is seeking, when it plans to fill vacancies on its 11 advisory boards and committees that range from the planning, zoning board and the clean communities advisory committee.

The mayor and council make appointments to the advisory boards and committees at the January reorganization meeting. Appointments are also made throughout the year as openings occur.

“We encourage residents to become a contributing part of their government by volunteering to serve on a township board or committee,” Mayor Janice S. Mironov said.

“Our government operates best when volunteers offer input and advice on our operations and projects. Public participation provides mutual benefits for residents and elected officials,” Mironov said.

Hopefully, that public participation will stimulate residents to have a greater interest in – and understanding of – the role of local government, Mironov said.

Residents may volunteer to serve on the commission on aging, which advises the township council on the development, coordination and implementation of the programs and services that are available to the township’s senior citizens.

The Clean Communities Advisory Committee is responsible for planning activities for the litter cleanup program.

The Economic Development Commission offers input to the council and the planning board on how to promote economic and industrial development.

At Environmental Development Commission meetings, members advise the governing body on the use of open space, water resource management, soil control, noise control, recycling, air quality and other environmental concerns.

The Health Advisory Board advises the municipal manager on public health-related issues.

The Recreation Commission suggests recreational plans, programs and activities that meet the township’s recreational needs to the township council and the director of recreation.

The East Windsor Municipal Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse focuses on preparing and recommending intervention and educational programs in an effort to combat drug and alcohol abuse.

The planning board reviews applications for residential and commercial development. It also reviews and adopts the township’s Master Plan, and also reviews zoning ordinance changes for the council.

The zoning board hears and decides appeals for variation from the zoning ordinance and reviews such applications for development.

While most of the committees’ names are descriptive of their mission, some are not.

The East Windsor Municipal Utilities Authority provides drinking water and handles wastewater treatment for township residents.

The Local Assistance Board provides policy direction to the welfare director in dealing with public assistance.

Residents who are interested in volunteering can get an application from the municipal clerk or from the township web site at www.east-windsor.nj.us.

They can also send a letter of interest and a resume or information about their background to Janice S. Mironov and council, East Windsor Township Municipal Building, 16 Lanning Blvd., East Windsor, NJ 08520. It may be faxed to 609-443-8303.

For an application form or for more information, call 609-443-4000, ext. 238 or ext. 240.