When did ‘Riverdale’ jump the shark?


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Question: Has Riverdale on the CW jumped the shark? I mean, this is a show that has always been on the edge of the improbable, but Season 4 is so far-fetched that it seems really laughable.

Matt Roush: For me, Riverdale was swimming with sharks from the beginning — it always felt too over-the-top, and I prefer my childhood memories of Archie and the gang from the original comics — so I’ll take your word for it that it’s only gotten more so.

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Question: Is the Lim (Christina Chang) and Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) relationship really over on The Good Doctor? The show’s official Instagram account released a photo of Limlendez in September of “a truly precious moment” (a hug between the two of them). That scene has not happened yet this season. I may be in the minority, but I hope they work things out! —Mary

Matt Roush: It’s possible the Instagram photo was purely promotional, but regardless, I’m sure you’re not alone in rooting for this couple. Working for one’s boss rarely goes well in workplace dramas like this, so I’m not surprised at the latest hurdle. But as to what happens next, I haven’t a clue (and I don’t do spoilers). ABC’s descriptions of the next few episodes don’t mention this relationship at all, so I’d expect the impasse to last at least for a while.

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