County business partnership group recognized by Hillsborough officials


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The Somerset County Business Partnership was recognized for its centennial anniversary at a December Hillsborough Township Committee meeting.

The Somerset County Business Partnership was honored by Hillsborough Township Mayor Frank DelCore and the township committee members at a Dec. 17 meeting to honor the group’s 100 years of service to the community.

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On Dec. 9, the organization concluded a year-long 100th anniversary of bringing together businesses and political leaders. The Somerville Chamber of Commerce was organized on March 12, 1919.

Now known as the Somerset County Business Partnership, the mission of the group is to lead the business community to “a prosperous and sustainable future” and serves as a platform for businesses to gain information, brand their business, develop leadership skills and improve profitability.

The Somerset County Business Partnership was formed in 2002 after the merging of two other countywide business organizations.

This collaboration created an entity for active businesses in the county with an intent to develop and maintain a partnership between the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

Some of the group’s strategic imperatives include: Anticipate the needs of the business community and provide critical resources; Promote job creation and private sector investment; Advocate for a reform agenda that supports economic development (CEDS) objectives; Promote Somerset as a special place to work, live, visit and find talent; Expand organizational capacity to better achieve its mission.

“The Hillsborough Township Committee recognizes and congratulates the Somerset County Business Partnership on its 100-year anniversary,” DelCore said in a statement.

Officials said that approximately 500 people listened to Business Partnership President/CEO Mike Kerwin set the agenda for 2020 and beyond based upon the premise that “Somerset County is a special place.”

Kerwin, who was in attendance at the December committee meeting to receive the proclamation on behalf of the group, expressed his experiences working with the municipality as well as noted its significance to the community.

“Somerset County, when it gets right down to it, is all about making vibrant connections and working together to make our community a better place,” Kerwin said. “No town does it better than Hillsborough Township. You can take it from me. I have been around this community a long time. It’s great that we were recognized by Hillsborough.

“Hillsborough does a great job, and it’s important to the business community, so that’s another reason we are real happy to get this award,” Kerwin added.

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