Letter to the Editor: Endorsement – Pete Buttigieg for President

To the Editor,

I am writing to you and to your readership to endorse Pete Buttigieg for President of the United States of America.

New Jerseyans do not exist or live our lives at a national level, so it is only appropriate that we choose a president who has governed, using their education and ingenuity to return a once-troubled city back to the path of success.

New Jersey is a wonderful state, but like many others, it has significant problems. Those problems can only be addressed by a president who has an understanding of local issues and the impact of federal government on them.

Buttigieg has an infrastructure plan that ties in job creation with the support of safe, growing neighborhoods. His economic agenda keeps government from taking over the economy, but does maintain its role in ensuring that our economy, in fact, works for all.

Additionally, Buttigieg has thought through the consequences of a knee-jerk reaction to healthcare policy. The federal government cannot accommodate quick, large scale changes to Medicare/Medicaid and Buttigieg doesn’t feel the need to force people into a single mold. A gradual, let-the-market-choose healthcare policy will ensure our country doesn’t make a catastrophic error with something so essential to personal well-being.

But more than any of his policies, Buttigieg speaks like someone who has listened and learned, then listened some more.

I am generally unimpressed with most policies developed during campaigns mainly because the candidates aren’t running for dictator. Any candidate will face a Congress that is entrenched and slow to change.

The next president will need a healthy passion for the people of this nation metered by the knowledge to determine the best course on any issue at hand that day. In the end, I am looking for a smart, even tempered, deeply thoughtful candidate and Pete Buttigieg fills that role. I hope you will join me in my support.

If you are ready to join Buttigieg’s campaign, please reach out to peteforamerica.com or locally to nj12peteforamerica@gmail.com.

Jessica Knowlton
Volunteer Leader
Pete for America 
NJ’s 12th Congressional District