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Letter to the Editor: Proposed development of X McGraw Hill property

To the Editor:

Yes, East Windsor would like to see the old McGraw hill property developed but not for warehousing and distribution.

This project makes no sense! Instead of creating more rateables it only creates more problems for several residential communities in the area, including Riviera at East Windsor. More traffic, more noise, more pollution, with the potential of serious danger to young students who use the school buses daily.

Neighbors, please let the East Windsor mayor and the council members know that Innovation Park as proposed is a bad idea. If for whatever reason East Windsor Township wants innovative young companies at that site, then Trammell crow company can eliminate one of the warehouses, half of the truck bay and double the size of the office space.

Gearing their proposal to young and technical start up companies. They should include shared conference rooms, laboratories and others start up company services. Additionally there should be limitations to trucks allowed on One Mile Road. Probably a 4 ton truck restriction.

No matter how you slice it this current proposal is is warehouse and distribution project and has little innovation involved. It does not belong at this site. Please let the mayor and council members know of your feelings and attend the next meeting on this proposed site development.

John Guarniere Sr.
East Windsor
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