Monroe girl puts the ‘G’ in ‘Go-Getter’ through her Girl Scout experiences

Josephina Corona puts the "G" in "Go-Getter" as she was one of 24 girls selected nationwide to win the 2019 Girls Scouts Cookie Pro competition.

MONROE – Josephina Corona puts the “G” in “Go-Getter” as she was one of 24 girls selected nationwide to win the 2019 Girls Scouts Cookie Pro competition.

That was the title Josephina, 11, a sixth-grader, named her mini graphic novel she had to make to enter the competition. The novel had to showcase how she is a G.I.R.L. – Go-Getter, Innovator, Risk Taker and Leader – in her cookie business and her life.

Along with the novel, she had to answer questions online about the skills she learned from selling Girl Scout cookies.

The Cookie Pro program unleashes a Girl Scout’s creativity and allows her to share her unique story about selling cookies. The competition is not based on total sales but rather telling a story about business creativity, resilience and determination, according to the Girl Scouts.

As a national winner, Josephina and her mother, Heather, traveled to Southern California for an all-expenses-paid Cookie Entrepreneur Experience. Josephina and her fellow winners were able to go behind the scenes at Warner Brothers Studios for an incredible “DC Super Hero Girls” experience.

“What I learned from my epic, VIP Cookie Pro Experience was to be fearless, find my voice, take chances and make a difference,” Josephina said. “When I met Lauren Faust, creator of the new ‘DC Super Hero Girls’ and ‘My Little Pony,’ I learned to brag, brag, brag. She expressed to me that this was important because if I don’t share all the great things I do no one will know about them. How women get to the top is to showcase themselves and all they accomplished.”

Josephina said now she has the confidence to share her amazing Girl Scout experiences with her customers so they know they are buying more than a box of cookies.

She helped lead their Council’s Cookie Rally last month with a station focusing on “Finding your Adventure.” She shared her Cookie Pro experience, let girls listen to the voiceover she did in California for “Wonder Woman,” shared her scrapbook and advice from Faust, and encouraged them to apply for this year’s contest.

“I also learned that Girl Scouts empowers girls to embark on new, exciting adventures by doing indoor skydiving my new friends I met on this trip,” she said, adding they already plan a G.I.R.L. 2020 reunion in Orlando.

Josephina is in her seventh year of scouting. She started as a Daisy in Kindergarten and now she is a first year Cadette. She said Girl Scouts has offered her amazing experiences she wouldn’t have had otherwise.

“Some of my favorite experiences that I’ve had because of Girl Scouts are when I got to see ‘Aladdin’ on Broadway, which was a prize I earned from selling 1,500 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, introducing the new Girl Scout Cookie on “Good Morning America,” getting interviewed for the “Wall Street Journal,” winning the Cookie Pro Contest and getting an all-expense paid trip to California,” she said, adding her troop also plans to travel to Girl Scout weekend at Rocking Horse Ranch in New York for new outdoor adventures.

Josephina said Girl Scouts has taught her money management, eye contact and speaking loudly and clearly.

“I now speak to crowds of almost 1,000 people, including CEOs and CFOs of companies, all because of Girl Scouts,” she said. “It has taught me that people don’t always say ‘yes,’ how to respond to the ‘nos,’ and how to set goals and break barriers. Girl Scouts has helped shape me into the young woman I am today.”

Heather Corona said she can’t say enough amazing things about Girl Scouts.

“My timid 5-year-old daughter would not be recognizable today as the courageous, well-spoken 11-year-old with more incredible life experiences than I have had as a middle aged woman,” she said. “My favorite moment with Josephina during the Girl Scout Cookie program is being by her side as she sets her goals and then works hard to achieve them. At times when I see how much she’s given in her time and talents she somehow pushes forward even more to set new goals and try new ideas.”

Corona said spending time with her daughter on weekends walking and talking as she goes door to door is priceless.

“All of the things we teach our children and that they learn in school come to life from January to March as she gets to set real goals, manage real money, make decisions, meet new people and practice business ethics,” she said.

Corona said her daughter has inspirations because of her experiences.

“Because of Girl Scouts, she can see what her future might hold,” she said. “Josephina already knows that when she grows up, she doesn’t want a job with an office. She wants the world to be her office. And that’s an incredible dream.”

The Girl Scouts 2020 Cookie Pro competition was announced last week. Josephina is encouraging Girl Scouts from across that state to apply for this year’s competition. To apply, girls need to answer a few questions and upload a photo. Regional and national winners will be selected which opens opportunities to gain inspiration, learn new techniques and meet influential people.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program, according to the Girl Scouts, is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world and it prepares girls for endless leadership opportunities. Girls are taught about entrepreneurship as they have fun, learning essential skills like money management, organizing pop-up shops, public speaking, and decision making, which sets them up for a lifetime of success. Each and every cookie purchase stays local to power amazing experiences and leadership opportunities for girls in the community.