Letter writer failed to provide information about virus

As a long-time Marlboro resident, I was very disappointed to read the letter to the editor submitted by a fellow Marlboro resident, Jacquelin Duffy, which was printed in the April 8 News Transcript.

While I agree everyone is entitled to their opinion, I found her comments to be of absolutely no value whatsoever with respect to providing any information. As someone who lost a brother to COVID-19, I took her “opinion” to be very out of bounds with reality and nothing more than a political rant.

She obviously does not understand history or the need for the strict measures that had to be taken in order to minimize the threat posed by this virus. Ms. Duffy’s attempt to educate readers with respect to past flu epidemics is pointless.

It appears she does not understand the fact that fast, convenient and crowded modes of transportation which can easily and quickly help spread this disease did not exist the hundred and more years ago that she quotes.

Nor does Ms. Duffy understand we do not yet have a vaccine or even an anti-viral such as we have now with flu strains. It is also disgusting that she actually complains about the need to have to shut down the economy.

She appears to be more frustrated about the inconvenience of not being able to go to a restaurant, theater or sporting event over any concern for the health and safety of business owners, workers, teachers, students, etc.

In case she hasn’t paid attention as she totally neglects to mention anything about the fact that people are dying, we are learning from past epidemics and took the drastic and necessary measures in order to avoid repeating the past mistakes in order to save as many lives as possible.

By the way, Ms. Duffy needs to be reminded (or educated) that both Democratic and Republican governors made decisions to shut down the economy because the guy in the White House did not take on that responsibility and said so publicly during his press conferences. Perhaps it is not clear to her that this virus does not care what political party you support.

While her letter headlines the Democratic Party is using the virus as a plan to defeat the guy currently residing in the White House, her letter does not actually state any facts relative to how the Democrats are doing so.

She needs to get her priorities straight rather than simply rant against the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and the impact caused by the virus.

I’m surprised her letter was even published and found the one minute it took me to read it a waste of my time which I can’t get back. Her words were nothing more than an incomprehensible outburst and merely a cheerleading stunt for the guy in the White House.

One suggestion I do have for Ms. Duffy, try doing jigsaw puzzles as a way to relieve some of the frustration you are obviously feeling. Just my “opinion” for what its worth.

Les M. Page