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The truth about sciatica pain

By Ken Freedman, DC

Sciatica pain can strike out of nowhere: a shooting, radiating sensation traveling down the length of your leg. The pain may worsen when you sit for extended periods. Suddenly, you’re experiencing weakness, numbness or difficulty moving your leg or foot. There’s a constant pain on one side of your buttocks. A shooting pain or “pins and needles” sensation can make it difficult to stand up after sitting in a chair. You’re embarrassed, frustrated and just plain sick of this pain. Sound familiar?

Sciatica pain does not have to stop you from living a full, active life. First, it’s important to understand this frustrating truth about sciatica: this pain won’t simply “get better” with time or “go away” on its own. This is why relying on medication is shortsighted and ineffective. Medication numbs the brain’s ability to perceive pain. This means that once medication wears off, sciatica pain will return. This can lead to an unhealthy cycle of medication reliance and dependency without ever addressing the root health problem.  It can also delay proper care and can make recovery more involved.

How Chiropractic Care May Help

With 40 years of clinical experience helping sciatica patients, I believe there is a better, more effective way to address sciatica pain. Here’s how my chiropractic practice can make a positive improvement in your sciatica pain and quality of life:

1. Address the real problem. The body functions best when the energy that travels over the nervous system is free from interference. Sciatica pain is a symptom of nervous system interference. Chiropractic care is designed to address and alleviate this interference for long-lasting pain relief.

2. Sciatica relief without drugs. Our conservative approach to sciatica relief is without medication or risky, invasive surgery. Eighty five % of my patients feel improvement after the first treatment. If your sciatica pain is coming from a medical cause, I will promptly refer you to the appropriate provider.

3. Support whole body health. Injuries and pain do not happen in a vacuum. What happens in one part of your body impacts what happens in another, and vice-versa. Pain in one part of your body may be symptomatic of more serious problems impacting your health. I follow a whole body approach to sciatica relief that is designed to support all aspects of your body’s health.

What would you do without sciatica pain? Take back control of your life today.

Our office is open. We are following the highest standards of sanitation for the safety of all concerned, and we are happy to offer you single/alone appointments if you prefer. We also offer telehealth. Call 732-254-6011 to schedule an in-person or teleHealth appointment.  Morning, afternoon and evening hours are available. Insurance may be processed for partial payment. 

Freedman Chiropractic is handicapped accessible, and is located at Brier Hill Court D-6, East Brunswick. Visit FreedmanChiropractic.com.

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