Spotswood mayor reaches out to senator for assistance with unemployment issues


SPOTSWOOD–Despite state lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, Mayor Edward Seely has confirmed that 77 residents have tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) in Spotswood.

“We’re through the first week in May and I hope everything is as well as can be expected for all of you at this time. As Gov. [Phil Murphy] would say, ‘I will get right to the numbers.’ Currently, we sit at 77 positives and two that have passed,” Seely said in a prepared statement on May 7. “If you’re following the state’s totals, you’ve probably noticed the numbers have started going down. Hopefully, this will mark the beginning of getting people back to work.”

With the announcement that schools are closed for the remainder of the year, Seely said, however, this may cause a different kind of problem for some people.

​”Speaking of problems, several citizens have contacted me regarding both unemployment and our local mail delivery. I, along with the rest of the mayors in this state, are on a minimum of two calls a week with both our county and state representatives,” Seely said in the statement. “These are the forums in which we voice our issues and try to get some guidance. In an attempt to be somewhat more proactive; however, I called Senator Linda Greenstein regarding the unemployment issues.”

Seely said he received a return call from Greenstein’s aide, Scott Gregory, and he has requested that residents email him and he will do what he can to assist. He said he hopes this will be an effective avenue for those still waiting for benefits, he said in the statement.

As regards mail delivery, I spoke to the postmaster general and told him that what we are going through right now is completely unacceptable, especially at this time of crisis. He has assured me they will correct the issues and hopefully, we will see improvement in the coming days,” Seely said in the statement.

We also addressed the upcoming holiday weekend.

​”This weekend marks a very special time for us all, as without this person none of us would exist. Yes, [May 10] is Mother’s Day, a day honoring one of the most important people in our lives. A mother’s love is unconditional, as ours is for her,” Seely said in the statement. “So let’s celebrate our mothers or the person in your life that is like a mother to you, and make their day as special as we can. I extend my best wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.”

​Closing his weekly update, Seely said it does look like the curve is starting to descend and hopefully, the governor’s commission will start to recommend the gradual re-opening of businesses and get people back to work.

“There is no doubt that things will be different and it may still be some time before we see each other’s smiles, but I for one cannot wait,” Seely said in the statement. “So please continue to be smart, be safe and stay healthy and keep up the good work of social distancing.”

To contact Greenstein’s aide Scott Gregory, email [email protected].