Cheers & Jeers


by Damian Holbrook

Cheers to Saturday Night Live
for thinking outside the box. While not flawless, the late-nighter’s at-home outings earn them huge props for pulling off creatively edited episodes shot remotely from the cast’s cribs that were as exciting as the show’s early experimental days.

Cheers to Mrs. America
for running on girl power. With Cate Blanchett as conservative Phyllis Schlafly (pictured), Rose Byrne as feminist icon Gloria Steinem and Uzo Aduba as Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman elected to Congress, FX on Hulu’s miniseries about the women’s movement proves itself second to none by putting ladies first.

Jeers to the network renewal waiting game.
Since series like NBC’s Manifest, ABC’s A Million Little Things (pictured), ABC’s Emergence and NBC’s Indebted have already ended their seasons, it would be nice to know if they’re coming back in the fall. Give us something—anything!—to look forward to.

Jeers to CBS for pulling Tommy off the beat.
Smarter than your average procedural, Edie Falco’s Thursday-night drama about L.A.’s first female police chief was axed after one low-rated season when we all know it would have done better paired with Blue Bloods on Fridays. What a crime.