Sayreville council looks to fill vacancy


SAYREVILLE – The Sayreville Borough Council is looking to fill a vacant seat following the departure of a member of the governing body.

On May 15, Sayreville Democratic Organization Chairman Thomas Pollando confirmed that Councilman Dave McGill had resigned from his position. Pollando stated that McGill stepped down the governing body for personal reasons.

McGill first served on the Borough Council from 2013-15. He later rejoined by appointment for a one-year, unexpired term in 2018. Although unsuccessful in his 2019 election bid, McGill was again appointed to the governing body this year for a one-year, unexpired term after Victoria Kilpatrick vacated her council seat to take the mayor’s office.

As McGill is a Democrat, the Sayreville Democratic Organization will nominate three individuals to succeed him on the Borough Council. The three candidates will be presented before the Borough Council and council members are expected to appoint one of the individuals to the vacant seat at their next meeting on May 26.

The individual appointed to the Borough Council will hold the seat for the remainder of the year, after which the term will expire. The seat will be up for grabs as a full three-year term in the Nov. 3 race and the individual may seek election to the seat.

Democrats hold a 5-1 majority on the Borough Council and the mayor’s office.