The Miz Hosts Wet And Wild Competition Series ‘Cannonball’ On USA Network

(Photo by: James Dimmock/USA Network)
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin

By Taylor Neumann

“It’s the biggest, wettest, wildest water sports competition ever!” Those words come straight from the mouth of the co-host of USA Network’s Cannonball (July 9), Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, about the new 10-part series. Basically, if you’re looking for daredevil stunts performed in water by regular people, Cannonball is just what you need this summer.

“You take NCAA athletes, you take average Joes, you put them in a water sports competition. Anyone can win. It’s insanity,” explains The Miz. “And it’s so funny. It’s laugh-out-loud comedy.” He decided to sign on after hearing about the show from Day 1. “When they told me the premise, I said, ‘There’s only one person for this job.’ And it’s me,” he said. “I get to just sit there and watch and guide you through the entire obstacle course.”

The highlight of that obstacle course is the “mega slide,” a massive water slide that launches its passengers into the air. The goal is to launch the farthest — but that takes more skill than you might think. “First, you have to have a good entry to get a jump into the slide, and it’s got to be smooth. [But] when you’re going down, fear sets in. Not in the first part, but in the second part of the slide, because you start really getting a lot of speed. You’ll notice people start putting their feet down, and we call it a ‘drag city.’ And basically, if you drag, you become slower, and that will hinder your launch.”