Cranbury School eighth graders raised money and supplies for Skeet’s Pantry

Photo courtesy of Roseanne Scat
Larry Hu, Graham Baird, Anthony Famiglietti and Drew Baird raised more than $900 and 28 bags of food for Skeet’s Pantry at First Presbyterian Church of Cranbury. 

Cranbury School eighth graders Larry Hu, Graham Baird and Anthony Famiglietti, along with Princeton High School junior Drew Baird, raised more than $900 and 28 bags of food for Skeet’s Pantry at First Presbyterian Church of Cranbury.

The students raised the funds and food through the three eighth graders sending out flyers to their classmates offering graduation photos in exchange for food and money for Skeet’s Pantry. Drew Baird was the photographer for the fundraiser, according to Roseanne Scat.