Millstone resident says it is time to clean house

What’s with the Millstone Township municipal office? The township has the building locked, using COVID-19 as an excuse, thereby not offering any service to residents. This really takes (guts).

I think it is time to get rid of the Republican administration that has been in control for years, put in some Democrats and clean house in the municipal building by replacing many of the political appointees who occupy positions in the office.

The performance of the public works department has been abysmal with fallen trees and tree limb cleanup from recent storms.

Fallen trees and limbs litter the shoulders of the roads and in many cases protrude into the roads, requiring cars to veer around them on our narrow unlit roads.

There is no one to report these conditions to. All you can do is leave a voicemail and get no callback.

Additionally, the road surface of the township roads is in severe deterioration with many potholes.

This condition has lasted for more than a year and if a pothole is repaired, it is replaced with a bump. They don’t know how to make a patch flush with the surface.

It is time to clean house. Who gives these people performance reviews? Millstone Township has become an enclave for do-nothing cushy jobs.

Greg Cinque
Millstone Township