Opinion: Adam Bierman has ‘an open mind, welcoming spirit’

Courtesy photo
Adam Bierman (Courtesy photo)

For Adam Bierman, Princeton has always been home. His candidacy for the Princeton Board of Education gives me the welcome and fitting opportunity to say what I’ve been honored to say before about this dynamic and engaged citizen: Adam Bierman lives his life embracing the spirit of the proud center of learning that is Princeton Municipality. For Adam, that means valuing the ability to think for oneself and using what you learn as a call to action.

I first met Adam, an independent Democrat, a few years ago in Princeton Community Village, the oldest and largest affordable housing development in our town, and the place I call home. Bierman came with an open mind, a welcoming spirit, and a sense of urgency. His presence was an antidote to cynicism and prepackaged thinking.

Adam Bierman’s deep knowledge of Princeton is a resource just waiting for the opportunity to benefit all of us. I can think of nowhere more important for him to devote himself on our behalf than the Board of Education.

Erica Mosner