Jackson official urges residents to update voter registration info


JACKSON – Township Council Vice President Andrew Kern is asking Jackson residents to verify their voter information immediately. He addressed the issue during the council’s Sept. 8 meeting.

With the 2020 coronavirus health issue still a factor in New Jersey, the Nov. 3 general election will primarily be conducted via mail-in ballot, according to regulations issued by state officials.

There will only be a limited number of polling locations open in a municipality on Nov. 3 and the majority of people who go to a polling location to vote on Election Day will only be permitted to vote by using a paper provisional ballot.

Only an individual who has a disability will be permitted to vote on a machine at a polling location on Nov. 3, according to state officials.

“Sometime between Sept. 20 and Oct. 5, county officials will mail out a live ballot to every name on their voter registry,” Kern said.

“That means if you registered to vote when you were 18 and then moved and did not re-register, your live ballot will go to your childhood home.

If you have no relatives living (at that address), your (ballot) could go into the trash, or worse, be used by a bad actor to attempt to cast it for who they want to see elected,” he said.

Kern asked residents to update their information immediately before the ballots are mailed.

“If your address is wrong or if you are not registered to vote in Jackson, there are many ways to correct your information.

“You can go to the township clerk’s office or the county clerk’s office or the Board of Elections in Toms River.

“Please do this right away because once the live ballots are mailed out it is going to be too late” to update a voter registration, he said.