Opinion: Difficult times require experienced leadership in Hopewell Township

This year has been full of challenges, both worldwide and right here in Hopewell Township.

Since I was sworn in to the Hopewell Township Committee in January, I have had the honor of facing this extraordinarily difficult year while serving with my fellow committee people, Deputy Mayor Michael Ruger and Committeeman and former Mayor Kevin Kuchinski. Both are seeking re-election this year. I have seen firsthand how their experienced, steadfast leadership has been instrumental in steering the ship through these troubled waters.

Kevin is a budget expert, and he has found creative ways to ensure that the township is financially secure, even in the face of falling revenues. His analysis and experience were critical when we faced the decision of whether to extend the property tax payment deadline.

Michael is a lawyer and an expert in crisis communication by trade. His openness and honesty is an enormous asset to the township. Michael listens, seeking out both public input and consensus from his colleagues, and he always considers a variety of viewpoints when making a decision.

With such a critical presidential election this year, the importance of local elections can get lost. But we are the closest elected officials to the people, and we hear your voices most acutely. Having worked closely with both of them, I know that we all are better off with both Michael and Kevin serving on the Hopewell Township Committee.

Voting by mail is safe and secure in New Jersey. A ballot dropbox will be located at the Hopewell Township Municipal Building starting Sept. 28. I urge you to vote Kuchinski and Ruger for Hopewell Township Committee.

Courtney Peters-Manning
Hopewell Township Committee Member