Opinion: Michele Tuck-Ponder will ‘make the right investments’ for Princeton students

Former Princeton Township Mayor, Michele Tuck-Ponder
We are supporting Michele Tuck-Ponder for a second term on the Princeton Board of Education.

Michele has the leadership experience that we can trust to help us make the critical decisions ahead on equity, facilities, budget, safety and educational excellence.

Michele will continue to address systemic and institutional racism in our district, particularly in the areas of discipline, special education classifications, hiring and academic achievement.

She will continue to look at every decision and every expenditure through the lens of equity for every student – LGBTQ students, immigrants, those with learning disabilities, students of every color and ethnicity, and regardless of their economic status. As chair of the Equity Committee, she will continue to lead the coordinated response to inequity in our schools.

Princeton’s schools are crowded and will become even more so over the next few years. As a former mayor experienced with municipal budgets and buildings, she will work collaboratively with the community to ensure that we have the facilities that we need for our children without unduly burdening our taxpayers – she has demonstrated through her voting record on the BOE that fiscal responsibility is key.

Above all, Michele will continue to work tirelessly to help all of our current and future students get the skills they need for success in the 21st century – collaboration, creativity, communications, technology and cultural competence while learning in a safe environment.

COVID-19 has presented unique challenges, and we trust Michele to help us make the right investments to help our children, teachers and staff thrive whether the learning is virtual or in-person.

Please, vote for Michele Tuck-Ponder for Princeton BOE.

You can learn more about Michele at MTP4BOE.com.

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