Opinion: Resident concerned about board members’ roles in school board election

Recent actions by sitting Princeton Public Schools Board of Education members Deborah Bronfeld and Daniel Dart have left me concerned about the integrity of November’s board election. While I respect their right to state their opinions as individuals about issues before the board, I am disturbed by what appears to be a disregard for transparency or deliberate obfuscation of their roles in an election campaign committee for the very governing body on which they both currently serve. I feel a civic obligation to share the following information with other residents and taxpayers of Princeton and it is in that capacity I submit this letter.

It recently became public that Ms. Bronfeld is serving as campaign chairperson and Mr. Dart is serving as treasurer for a slate of candidates running for the board, which seems highly inappropriate to me. Membership on the board is a public service role which requires members to act in the best interest of the students, staff and community they serve at all times. In my opinion, Ms. Bronfeld’s and Mr. Dart’s recent actions are contrary to that charge, continue to distract the board from important work and ultimately are a disservice to all. These actions are particularly unseemly in the midst of a pandemic.

There are grave and critical issues in need of attention and our children deserve the support of the adults we have elected to serve. Undermining a fair election by eschewing transparency does not change the support our children need and only adds to the indecency of what is happening with elections nationwide.

Felicia A. Spitz