Opinion: Kuchinski and Ruger helped preserve Hopewell Valley Golf Club


The closing of the Hopewell Valley Golf Club in July 2019 was a big loss for township residents but under the leadership of the current Democratic Hopewell Township Committee the club will return as a public facility owned and operated by Mercer County.

This committee’s efforts to work with Mercer County to preserve the facility means that its golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts and platform tennis courts will become available to the general public. Of all of the scenarios and speculation about what should be done about the property, this was the best possible outcome, a true win-win for the residents of Hopewell Township and its surrounds.

I have already marked my ballot for Democrats Kevin Kuchinski and Michael Ruger, the two members of the Hopewell Township Committee who are seeking re-election on Nov. 3. Thanks to them and their fellow committee members for their strategic thinking, and giving us yet another great reason to live in Hopewell Township.

Helena Bouchez
Hopewell Township