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Spotswood mayor delivers his final borough address

SPOTSWOOD–Expressing optimism about the new upcoming administration, Edward Seely delivered his last address as mayor of Spotswood.

“Well, as go the lyrics in a Hollies song, ‘The road is long, with many a winding turn…,’ ” Seely said in a prepared statement. “This is my final mayor’s message. While the journey has been bittersweet, I walk away with my head held high. We have accomplished a great deal but, as quoted, the road is indeed long.”

Seely said Christmas is right around the corner and will, of course, be different this year. Online sales are thriving, but smaller retail stores are struggling in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I, for one, will be purchasing what I can locally for these businesses are the backbone of our economy. Please support them if you can,” Seely said in the statement. “Recreation is teaming with our Fire Department for a drive-by Christmas event at the high school, and I hear the big man in red will be there. There is also a rumor that the Grinch will be sneaking around. Information can be found on the borough’s website as well as Facebook.”

Over the past two weeks, Seely said Mayor-Elect Jackie Palmer and he have come together to discuss the transition to a new administration.

“As a result of our meetings, I will tell you that I have an incredibly positive outlook on the direction in which the borough will be heading. Palmer has been quite open, and I can say the many rumors that seem to have been circulated are false and unjust,” Seely said in the statement. “Given the chance, I believe she will prove to be a welcome and successful addition to the borough leadership. She has hit the ground running; let us all try to keep the road as straight and smooth as possible.”

Seely said it has been an honor to serve the community, not only as mayor and a councilman but to have been involved in many youth organizations for the past two decades.

“In keeping with the lyrical theme, I’ll paraphrase another great song: ‘My regrets are few, too few to mention.’ I wish you all the merriest and most blessed of holidays. You will continue to be in my prayers. Once again, I thank you all. As always, be safe, be smart and stay healthy,” Seely said in the statement.

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