How can a season just be 10 episodes long?


Question: I would like to know why Netflix believes it’s okay to call 10 episodes of a show like Virgin River a “season” when clearly that’s ridiculous?! —Unsigned

Matt Roush: Get used to it, because it’s the new normal. And is 10 that much less than a 13-episode run, which was Netflix’s average when they began creating original series? Ten to 13 is pretty much what you get with most cable series — and even on legacy networks at times. Many creative types have been pushing to reduce the number of episodes per season on certain shows, arguing that a lesser quantity can improve quality, and economically it’s also generally more feasible unless the show is a monster hit. With few exceptions, I’m of the “less is more” camp, especially when it comes to binge-watching, and TV is all about leaving us hungry for more. But I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that this is an increasingly common complaint.

Question: I’m really jonesing for Evil‘s return. What is CBS’s plan? Are they waiting for more people to discover it on Netflix? —Justin

Matt Roush: The Netflix exposure is just the lifeline Evil needed, and I’m as eager as you to see new episodes. Evil reportedly got a relatively late start in production last fall, so I’d expect we may see the second season sometime in the spring.

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