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Opinion: Hillsborough Democrats are disregarding voters’ wishes

The Hillsborough Township  Republican Organization sends it best wishes to Olivia Holmes who recently stepped down from the Hillsborough Township Committee as she continues to battle the effects of COVID-19. The pandemic continues to have broad reaching impacts on many of our residents, and it is our sincere hope that Ms. Holmes has a complete and speedy recovery. We wish for her good health in the future.


The process of appointing a replacement for Ms. Holmes has begun. The Hillsborough Township Democratic Party has submitted to the Township Clerk, three names of people to replace Ms. Holmes.

The names on the list, David Brook, Donetta Johnson and Jeffrey Wright, reflect the complete disregard the Hillsborough Democrats have for the voters of Hillsborough. All three of these candidates have been rejected by the voters of Hillsborough in recent elections. In Mr. Wright’s case, he has been rejected multiple times. Yet the Hillsborough Democratic Party intends to force one of these three rejected individuals onto the Township Committee against the will of the voters.

It is truly disappointing that the Hillsborough Democrats continue to show such contempt and disrespect for the voters of Hillsborough.


Ken Scherer
Hillsborough Republican Chairman

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