‘The Unicorn’ hasn’t been cancelled, right?


Question: Please tell me The Unicorn is still on. B Positive (not funny) has recently been shown in its place. —Marie D.

Matt Roush: The Unicorn aired its second-season finale on March 18. B Positive moved into its time period to make room for United States of Al after Young Sheldon. We probably won’t know until May, when CBS sets its fall schedule, if The Unicorn is returning. I hope it does, but it’s not a typical CBS sitcom and is very much on the fence when it comes to renewal. If we lose both The Unicorn and Mom (ending after eight seasons) from the Thursday lineup, that’s going to be really sad.

Question: Am I wrong to be a Magnum P.I. purist and hate that they knocked off Icepick, that Tanaka isn’t in the show, and that Higgins and Magnum are buddies in the reboot? Also: I heard a rumor that there’s going to be a NCIS: Hawaii and that Pride fits into this show. Any truth? —Gordon B.

Matt Roush: You’re not wrong if it’s how you truly feel. My question would be: If you can’t accept this reimagined version of Magnum for what it is, why would you keep watching? Regarding NCIS Hawaii: While it’s still in development, everything, especially the casting of another NCIS stalwart, should be considered a rumor until the studio and network actually move forward.

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