Pennington School students rank nationally in French competition

Pennington School student Sophia Farajallah won a gold medal in Le Grand Concours

Two students at The Pennington School have ranked nationally in Le Grand Concours, a national French competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.

Sophia Farajallah, a freshman from Robbbinsville, achieved the second-highest score in the nation, earning a gold medal, while senior Trinity Pryor of Yardley, Pennsylvania, earned an honorable mention with her performance in the 70th percentile nationally.

Students were evaluated for their written, oral, and listening comprehension skills in French.

Nearly 30,000 students in all 50 states competed in the 2021 event.

Both Farajallah and Pryor are students in Lauran Hocquaux’s AP French class.

Anne Jensen, president of the American Association of Teachers of French, said, “I would like to extend my special congratulations to those students who ranked nationally in Le Grand Concours. They have shown a superior level of French language skills, cultural competence, and commitment to French.”

* This article was provided by The Pennington School.